TNoodle 0.14.0

Announced by Lucas Garron on

TNoodle-WCA-0.14.0 is now available from
The following changes have been made since TNoodle-WCA-0.13.5:

  • The generated .zip folder now contains a nested .zip file called ... Computer Display This contains the scramble set PDFs, each encrypted with a unique passcode that can be found in ... Computer Display PDF Passcodes - SECRET.txt. Please read the directions at if you are a Delegate.
  • The other files in the .zip folder have been rearranged to highlight the existence of the computer display PDFs.

Upcoming competitions should use TNoodle-WCA-0.14.0 to generate new scrambles, when possible.
However, since there are no changes that directly affect competitors since the previous version, TNoodle-WCA-0.13.5 will briefly remain an officially permitted version. (Competition scrambles for the coming week that have already been generated using TNoodle-WCA-0.13.5 can still be used.)

Please remember that official competitions must use a current version of the official scramble program. This is always available from: