Start up of the WCA Financial Committee

Announced by Linus Frész on

Dear WCA Community,

The World Cube Association made the next step towards becoming a non-profit organization and formed a new committee: the WCA Financial Committee (WFC).
The WFC consist of the following members:
Treasurer: Chris Hardwick (US)
Committee members: Chris Wright (United Kingdom) and James Molloy (United Kingdom).

The team is currently building up and doing the necessary research to handle their designated tasks. Some software adjustments were made by the WCA Software Team to accommodate the needs of the new committee. The new email address is, which is the default, public and official email address of the WCA Financial Committee.

The WFC is responsible for everything regarding finances within the WCA. This includes an annual budget proposal, managing finances and much more. To read about the WFC’s full description of responsibilities, please take a look at our By-Laws:

1. The WCA Financial Committee is an Advisory Committee of the WCA with the following rights and duties:
1.1. Creating an annual budget proposal for the WCA.
1.2 Managing the finances and accounts of the WCA in accordance with the approved annual budget proposal.
1.3 Paying invoices and taxes that are directed to the WCA, after procuration by the WCA Board of Directors.
1.4 Reporting and advising on a quarterly basis to the WCA Board of Directors on the finances of the WCA.
1.5 Reporting on a periodic basis to external organizations on the finances of the WCA, based on all applicable legal requirements.
1.6 Appointing and supporting financial auditors based on all applicable legal requirements.
2. The Leader of the WCA Financial Committee is the Treasurer of the WCA.

Best regards,
Linus Fresz, on behalf of the World Cube Association