Start up of the WCA Communication Team

Announced by Linus Frész on

Dear WCA Community,

We are excited to announce a brand new committee: the WCA Communication Team (WCT).
The WCT consists of the following members:
* Linus Fresz (Germany, Team Leader)
* Lauren Klemz (US)
* Matthew McMillan (US)
* Thaynara Santana de Oliveira (Brazil)

Some internal changes have been made by the WCA Software Team in order to accommodate our new necessities in communications. Important to mention is that anyone can reach us via the email address This is the default, public, and official email address of our new team.

Our goal is to work with all WCA Committees to improve the WCA website and increase the communication of the WCA in the near future. Another important step is to gain better connections to the community, which we want to accomplish via social media accounts. We are aware that different countries use different social media networks, so we will try to add more social media accounts to reach communities in all countries in the near future. These channels will be used to create knowledge and content about the WCA for our community and the general public.
Please take a look at our official Facebook page:

Best regards,
Linus Fresz, on behalf of the WCA Communication Team