Seung Hyuk Nahm (남승혁) wins Asian Championship 2016, in Beijing, China

Announced by Baiqiang Dong (董百强) on

Seung Hyuk Nahm (남승혁) won the Asian Championship 2016 with an average of 7.41 seconds. Mats Valk finished second (8.05) and Arifumi Fushimi (伏見有史) finished third (8.18).

World records: Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) 3x3 blindfolded 24.65 (average), Kevin Hays 6x6 Cube 1:32.77 (single), 6x6 Cube 1:42.36 (average).

Asian records: Arifumi Fushimi (伏見有史) 3x3 one-handed 11.55 (average), Lin Chen (陈霖) 6x6 Cube 1:46.21 (single), 6x6 Cube 1:53.51 (average), 7x7 Cube 2:24.46 (single), 7x7 Cube 2:28.78 (average), Seung Hyuk Nahm (남승혁) 4x4 Cube 27.52 (average), 5x5 Cube 47.08 (single), Yinghao Wang (王鹰豪) 2x2 Cube 1.68 (average), Yucheng Chen (陈裕铖) 3x3 multi blind 32/33 57:04 (single).

North American records: Kevin Hays 7x7 Cube 2:25.62 (single).

South American records: Gianfranco Huanqui 4x4 blindfolded 3:36.41 (single).

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