Masayuki Akimoto new WCA board member

Announced by Ron van Bruchem on

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have a new WCA board member: Mr. Masayuki Akimoto from Japan.

Masayuki is the reigning world champion for 2x2x2, and 2003 world champion for 4x4x4 and 5x5x5.
He was responsible for three Asian competitions (Kyoto, Tokyo and Osaka) and has plans for more in the future.
He has a very informative website and is always working hard to make our hobby more fun with his ideas and initiatives.

Currently the WCA board consists of 4 members:
Tyson Mao (co-founder), Americas
Ron van Bruchem (co-founder), Europe
Gilles Roux, Europe
Masayuki Akimoto, Asia

We are looking forward to 2006, with more competitions in more places and with more competitors.
One of our other goals for 2006 is to finalise the establishment of WCA. After that we are ready for elections for a new board.