Forum Digest (December 2021)

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Here are some notable threads on the WCA Forum from the previous few months.

Removing 4-pad mode functionality in Gen5 timers
The new Gen5 timers released from the Speed Stacks company had mixed reviews from the community. An active speedcuber, Callum, discusses how to apply a simple modification to the timer to make it work like the original 2-pad touch timers.

2022 WCA Regulations feedback
The WCA Regulations Committee asked for community feedback on the changes that they are implementing next year to the WCA Regulations and Guidelines. We will be hearing about all the finalized changes for 2022 next month.

Cumulative time limits in sighted events
In the current Regulations, cumulative time limits can only be used if individual solve time limits are not used for the event. Most commonly, these are used for blindsolving events which allows competitors to complete the entire round of an event within an estimated overall time. Kit proposes that we have the system of cumulative time limits for sighted events that allows for individual solve time limits to be applied as well, as it will improve competition schedules and overall management of the time taken by each competitor to complete their attempts.

Four World Records from Max Park in a single day
Max Park broke four world records in one day at a competition in the US in Missoula, Montana. He broke the 3x3 World Record twice, reducing it to a 5.32 second average, the 4x4 Record, resulting in a 20.94 second average, and finally the One-Handed Record with a 9.34 second average. Congratulations to Max!

Three World Records from Zayn Khanani in the 2x2 event
Zayn Khanani, over the course of the last few weeks, went on a spree and broke the 2x2 World Record twice at different competitions. He reduced the 2x2 Average Record to 1.13 seconds, then 1.06 seconds, and finally 1.05 seconds. He is currently attending more competitions across the USA and the world, and there is a high chance that we will see another World Record from him soon.

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Thanks to everyone for being a part of the Forum by sharing important feedback and adding value to the discussions.

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