Changes in the Board of Directors (WCA Board)

Announced by Linus Frész on

Dear WCA Community,

An anonymous election took place among the voting members of the WCA for the position of directors of the WCA. We hereby inform you on the results and the corresponding changes in the Board of Directors.

We are happy to announce that the WCA Board has a new member: Olivér Perge. Pedro Santos Guimarães was reelected as Director and Ilkyoo Choi will end his term in the Board of Directors. These changes have become effective starting July 1st, 2017.

We thank Ilkyoo for his work for the WCA and our community. He served in the WCA Board since 2013 and put up a lot of time and effort to develop the WCA. Ilkyoo made great contributions to the WCA and helped the WCA grow all around the world. He will still remain the WCA Delegate for Republic of Korea.