Call for Applicants - WCA Communication Team (WCT) Members (October 2022)

Announced by Rui Reis on

The WCA Communication Team (WCT) is seeking members to help with managing and creating WCA social media posts and other projects!

The application is open to all WCA members. You do not have to hold a current position to be considered.

What does the WCT do?

  • Answers daily inquiries to the WCA through emails and the contact page on the WCA website.
  • Manages official WCA social media platforms through frequent and engaging posts
  • Works with other WCA leaders to improve the WCA website and communications to the community

The official rights and duties of the WCT are documented in Motion 10.2021.1 - Communication Team.

Workflow Outline

  • We try to reply to all emails and DMs within a 24 hour period and having more members gives the WCT more opportunities to be reactive.
  • Social media posts are planned at least 2 days in advance and are posted when members are available.
  • Internal emails regarding other WCT projects are answered within 48 hours and other work may come from those projects that take various amounts of time.
  • Time commitment per week is between 2-5 hours.

Characteristics we are looking for

  • Social media knowledge: You should be familiar with many social media platforms and their basic functions. While you may not have used them personally, you will have to post to them as the WCA and should know what type of content goes on each.
  • Fluent English: Our posts on most social media platforms are in English and we answer most emails in English. We do, however, receive emails in many different languages and having people responding in the sender’s native language is always appreciated. For this, we do welcome those that are fluent in other languages alongside English.
  • Communication skills: You should be able to write a professional, concise email to answer competitor questions and to convey a thorough knowledge of the WCA resources for competitors. You will be responsible for writing social media posts that are appropriate and convey the mission of the WCA.
  • Patience: Always maintaining professionalism when answering the same question many times is hard, but necessary for our day-to-day communications. You should keep friendly communications within our email and social media interactions.
  • Creativity: We always need ideas of new social media series or unique ways to expand to other platforms. You will be required to think about this and suggest ideas when you can.


Please send the application in PDF format to from now until Wednesday, November 2, 2022, 23:59 UTC to be considered.

To apply, please include:

  • A brief personal introduction
  • Your involvement with the WCA
  • Your motivation for applying to the WCT
  • Fluency in other languages than English
  • Your familiarity with social media platforms and an idea of a potential WCA post
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