Applications for WCA/Red Bull Joint Events

Announced by Chenxi Shan (单晨曦) on

Dear WCA Community,

We are informing you that the WCA and Red Bull Mind Gamers have reached a deal in which the WCA will be collaborating with the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup 2019 series. Within this collaboration the WCA will offer its advisory assistance and will also have 3-5 joint competitions, in which the Red Bull competitions will be held before or after an official WCA competition, but on different days.

In light of this recent news, we are looking for communities that would welcome Red Bull competitions and would like to host these joint events. If you are interested, please reach out to your closest Delegate, your region’s Senior Delegate, or your region’s Regional Organization (if applicable). The basic criteria for such events are:
- Experience in hosting Speedcubing Events
- Experienced, English speaking organizers
- Substantial amount of speedcubers in the area
- Availability to organize between May and September of 2019
- Red Bull availability in the country

If you fit these requirements, please contact your local Delegate to submit an application by April 15, 2019 with the following information:
- Organizer(s)
- Hosting country and city
- Possible date of the WCA competition
- Number of expected competitors

Red Bull Mind Gamers will choose 3-5 collaboration events out of the submitted applications in coordination with the local Red Bull Country under the advisory of the WCA.