Announcement about Red Bull competitions

Announced by Rui Reis on

Dear WCA Community,

As most of you know Red Bull has created their own series of speedcubing competitions in 2018 without the involvement of the WCA.

Their series has finished for this year with their finals in Boston, but they will surely continue for future seasons too. Regarding the 2019 season, we are in talks with them about a possible cooperation between the two parties. So far nothing has been decided, the negotiations have not yet started, but we wanted to inform you that we are in communication with Red Bull right now.

The start of their 2018 season was controversial among the speedcubing community, especially because they called their series “World Championship”. To fix this confusion, Red Bull already decided to change their name to “World Cup” in advance to avoid misunderstandings and to not have 2 World Championships in the same year, by two different organizations.

We will update everyone once the negotiations are finished and will announce the outcome.

WCA Board of Directors