Alexander Lau wins Rubik's Cube European Championships 2014

Announced by Lars Vandenbergh on

Alexander Lau won the Rubik's Cube European Championships 2014 with an average of 8.02 seconds. Philipp Weyer finished second (8.26) and Sebastian Weyer finished third (8.38).

World records: Louis Cormier Megaminx 39.57 (single), Megaminx 45.77 (average), Sebastian Weyer 4x4 Cube 21.97 (single), 4x4 Cube 27.17 (average).

African records: Conor Cronin 3x3 blindfolded 1:46.67 (single), 3x3 fewest moves 43.00 (average), Megaminx 1:52.93 (single), Megaminx 2:05.49 (average), Rubik's Clock 7.17 (single), Skewb 7.64 (single), Skewb 11.73 (average), 6x6 Cube 3:42.39 (average), 7x7 Cube 5:21.99 (average).

European records: Mattia Furlan 6x6 Cube 2:03.87 (average), Michał Halczuk 6x6 Cube 2:03.07 (average), Przemysław Kaleta 3x3 one-handed 9.41 (single).