2018 Year End Message

Announced by Lauren Clement on

Dear WCA Community,

Thank you all for another great year for cubing! It has been a successful year for the WCA and we would like to share our achievements of 2018 with you.

Ten new countries held WCA competitions and we welcomed over 25,000 new competitors to the WCA. Throughout the year, 85 world records, 271 continental records, and 4,039 national records were broken.

The greatest change for the WCA as an organization this year was becoming recognized as a non-profit organization in October! We also established two new Teams, the WCA Marketing Team and the WCA Competition Announcement Team whose work helps the WCA run smoothly. Additionally, 53 new Delegates delegated their first competition this year.

Within our Committees and Teams, there have been 1,148 competition results posted by the WCA Results Team, 1,196 competition announcements posted by the WCA Board, the WCA Quality Assurance Committee, and later the WCA Competition Announcement Team, about 27 investigations opened by the WCA Disciplinary Committee, 130 Instagram and 166 Facebook posts published by the WCA Communication Team, and 1,106 pull requests merged by the WCA Software Team! So much to keep up with throughout the year!

With the help of our community, we anticipate more growth and organizational adjustments into 2019. We also look forward to celebrating cubing together at World Championship 2019 in July! Thank you for another great year and for all the volunteers that keep our organization running. We could not do it without everyone’s help and support. Happy New Year!