Magic Irregularity at Magic Open 2011

Tyson (2012-02-27 01:42:48 +0000)
Dear Community, Irregularity during the judging of the Magic and Master Magic event was discovered during the Magic Open 2011 competition held on December 17-18, 2011 in France. Jean-Louis Mathieu, WCA delegate, submitted a report identifying that [competitor, under 18 years of age] practiced Magic solves at the timer. The point in time at which practice solves would cease and official solves would begin was not precisely predetermined. After a few practice attempts, [competitor] decided that the two previous solves were to be counted as official solves, and then performed three additional solves to complete five official attempts. The judge was young and inexperienced, and was not aware of the regulations and as a result, allowed the solves to be marked down as official. An independent investigation was conducted by the IAC. The WCA Board will follow Jean-Louis Mathieu and the IAC's recommendation and take the following actions: -Disqualify all Magic and Master Magic solves made by [competitor] at Magic Open 2011 -Issue a warning to [competitor], but no further penalty Because of these irregularities, the WCA Board cannot be confident in the integrity of the Magic and Master Magic events at Magic Open 2011. As a result, the WCA Board finds it necessary to invoke article 8f of the regulations, and will declare all Magic and Master Magic rounds at Magic Open 2011 unofficial. The WCA Board apologizes for this inconvenience. WCA regulations need to be understood by all competitors and judges who are participating in the event. Better education of these regulations will reduce incidences like these, which will not only prevent rounds from being declared unofficial, but will also help save resources of the IAC, the WCA Delegates, and the WCA Board.