Limiting competitors

BryanLogan (2011-11-23 16:38:10 +0000) From the site: "As this is one of the few competitions in southern Germany, we feel free to prefer local competitors (Munich area). " However, that doesn't seem to fit with any regulation. If the number of competitors are limited (with WCA Board approval since it's an Article Z regulation) Z4) Organisation team may limit the number of competitors per event (first come first go, or based on qualification times or based on position on WCA world ranking). Maybe it's being lost in translation, but their registration page says registration is closed, but still allows you to enter in information and mark if you're from Munich. UPDATE: So I asked in the speedsolving thread what this meant and got this response: [quote:16jokm6y]No priority in general. The sponsor asked if it is possible to give the last 10 spots to local competitors (same for last year). In 2010 I asked Ron if this is ok and got a possitive response. [/quote:16jokm6y] So it seems like there's a few issues here: 1) Approval of this limit was not sought for the 2011 competition. 2) The board isn't making decisions based on the regulations. #2 somewhat bothers me since the regulations don't give the board any authority to deviate from the regulations. In fact, the regulations state that the regulations must be followed (8a2). I would suggest that if the WCA Board wants authority to deviate from any regulation, the following should be added: Z6) Any other deviation from the regulations. Special deviations should only be requested in rare circumstances after all other possibilities have been exhausted. And add the following to Z: The application of optional regulations for a competition, must be approved by WCA Board,[b:16jokm6y] and must be clearly stated on the competition website when the competition is announced.[/b:16jokm6y]