In Memoriam: Ranz Norwin Lim

Ron (2011-07-28 12:01:38 +0000)
Dear community, On July 25, 2011 our fellow WCA member Ranz Norwin Lim from Philippines passed away due to a lung disease. Ranz Norwin Lim was 21 years old and a finance officer in a family run business. He competed in 10 WCA competitions and was the national record holder of Philippines for Rubik's Clock (single and average) and Master Magic (average). He was registered for upcoming World Rubik's Cube Championship 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand, but unfortunately this dream did not come true. In the message below his friend Jonathan Papa writes about 'Nowie' as a true friend always helpful in the Philippines community. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to his family and friends. Ron van Bruchem WCA Board
Ron (2011-07-28 12:07:30 +0000)
[u:v2e157iv]Message by Jonathan Papa, a friend of Ranz Norwin Lim[/u:v2e157iv] [attachment=0:v2e157iv]Nowie.jpg[/attachment:v2e157iv] Last July 25, 2011 our fellow cuber Ranz Norwin Lim passed away due to Cystic Fibrosis. It is inherited and has no cure. It causes mucus to build up in lungs and digestive tract which make the lungs prone to infection. Over time, his lungs deteriorated. Unexpectedly, this year it rapidly worsen and he was confined for one month on ICU before he passed away. He has a very strong fighting spirit, he never discuss his pains to others because he want people to treat him like anybody else. "Nowie" as we call him was only 22 years young, he was a Math Olympiad during his high school years and took Finance in college and was a varsity in table tennis. His family runs their own business and he was their finance officer. As a cuber, he was fast improving in many aspects and puzzles specially in Rubik's Clock. He is our NR holder for the said event and also influences me in clock so I joined on our last competition. During the last competition he often spoke about his performance and was very happy with it. He also reach many of his goals during the last competition, I know this because before competitions we constantly update each other about puzzles and our goals and of course with his secret trainings. He is very low profile considering his talent and social status. Most Filipino cubers know him because he is really a very true friend and never impatient on teaching you what he knows. Last thing he taught me was a method in 4x4 called Yau I think, I was amazed on the way he teaches because he know what I need to know and no idea is wasted. Competitions here in the country are continuing because we have a group who are committed in our beloved sport and he is a BIG part of it. You don't have to ask him for help, he share the same passion and goal as you are. To a good friend, amazing cuber, Nowie, thanks for the memories you shared with us. Rest in peace brother....