Unfair WCA Scrambling

Tyson (2011-06-02 18:26:56 +0000)
Fellow members of our community, After examining evidence presented by various WCA competitiors, and examining evidence independently gathered by the IAC, we have determined that Sebastián Pino Castillo manipulated WCA scrambles and gained an unfair advantage in WCA competition. The WCA will take the following actions: 1. All results for events that utilize WCA scrambling for 2009CAST02 for events where 2009CAST02 was acting WCA delegate will be removed. 2. 2009CAST02 will be ineligible to participate in WCA events for two years, and will be eligible to participate again on June 1, 2013. 3. 2009CAST02 WCA delegate status will be revoked. Mr. Pino has been cooperative with this process, and the WCA finds no reason to doubt the authenticity of records for anyone other than himself. Instituto Nacional 2011 will still be held on June 11, 2011, and the WCA will be working with the organizer and other members of the Chilean cubing community to ensure that the event is held to WCA standards. Regards, World Cube Association Tyson Mao
anders (2011-06-07 09:04:48 +0000)
Due to the development in the case, the IAC has decided to make a statement. The case has many faces, and it is further complicated by the complex situation in Chile. But despite this, the IAC has concluded that Sebastián Pino Castillo (2009CAST02) indeed has manipulated Rubik’s Clock scrambles to gain an unfair advantage. And when confronted with the evidence, Mr Pino finally admitted the irregularities of the Rubik's Clock scrambles together with an apology, which was e-mailed to the IAC. The IAC was very happy with this confession, closed the case and looked at ways of supporting the Chilean Cubing Community to move on. However, Mr Pino later denies in public that he has manipulated the scrambles, as for instance expressed in the following forum post: http://www.cuberos.cl/foro/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2085. He also denies it in later correspondence with the IAC. This provokes the IAC to reveal more details about the evidence collected. A brief summary is outlined below. Mr Pino himself has published the scramble used for the WR single at speedsolving.com, but he could not find the scrambles for the WR average when the IAC asked for them. However, the organisers of SSCC Open 2011 have provided the IAC with the scrambles used for the WR average, and these scrambles have been verified to be the ones used by analysing a video recording of the WR average. Analysis of the scrambles made by members of our community shows that the scrambles are too lucky and too special to be random. Furthermore, the scramble used for the WR single solve (Bicentenario Open 2010) is the same as the scramble used for the first solve of the WR average (SSCC Open 2011). Some conspiracy theorists may suggest that someone has framed Mr Pino by manipulating the scrambles, but at least two things speak against such a theory: 1) Mr Pino must have noticed that the scramble for the first solve of his WR average was the same as the scramble of his WR single. 2) Occam's Razor. Mr Pino had the means and motive for manipulating the scrambles. There also exists circumstantial evidence that completes the picture that he indeed has cheated. These circumstantial evidences include witness reports of the behaviour of Mr Pino during the competitions and his inability to provide the evidence material the IAC asked for. By his actions, Mr Pino creates even more split and distrust within the Chilean Cubing Community, for which the IAC holds him fully responsible. On behalf of the IAC, Anders Larsson
lemexio (2011-09-27 03:26:42 +0000)
hi, i'm Francisco Lemes from Chile, South America. for those who do not know me I'm the reported to the WCA in the subject "Seba Pino" why felipe rojas has ceased to be a delegate WCA representing Chile? no longer appears in the link http://worldcubeassociation.org/node/316 thanks
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