[2011] Removal/Modification of 2h

Sebastien (2011-05-09 07:51:35 +0000)
[quote:156e0xa9]2h) Competitors must be fully dressed. Competitors may dress in jeans, pants, shorts, slacks, skirts, foot-wear, T-shirts or dress shirts. Hats may be worn. Clothes must not display vulgar language or have inappropriate pictures.[/quote:156e0xa9] Sorry for beeing silly but according to this rule all feet solves without socks are illegal. So would be Odders Pyraminx average WR as well. To my mind this rule is sufficiently covered by [quote:156e0xa9]2f) Competitors must obey venue regulations and conduct themselves in a manner considerate of others at all times during the competition and while at the competition venue.[/quote:156e0xa9] My proposition is to remove the paragraph or to change it to something like [quote:156e0xa9]2h) Competitors must be dressed in an appropriate way (discretion of the organisers and the delegate).[/quote:156e0xa9]