[2011 ideas] Removal of the main judge

Clement Gallet (2011-04-24 15:18:54 +0000)
I have to admit, it has been a while since I didn't designate main judges during competitions. Is this role necessary, or can it be merged with the WCA delegate ?
Pedro_S (2011-05-07 21:23:35 +0000)
1j) All officials may compete in the competition, but a main judge for an event must not compete in the event unless the WCA delegate is also the main judge.
Dene (2011-05-09 01:14:12 +0000)
@Pedro: Ya I think that's Clement's point. The WCA delegate is 99.9999% of the time the main judge. I mean, why even bother to assign someone else as the main judge? They won't be able to compete, so the WCA delegate may as well do it.
Sebastien (2011-05-09 07:34:40 +0000)
I agree with Clement. Abolishing the main judge is a useful simplification of the regulations. This will also make the first paragraph of the regulations more understandible for everyone who is reading the regulations for the first time.