Temporary Suspension

Tyson (2010-07-30 16:22:24 +0000)
The WCA has decided to issue a temporary suspension of a competitor while we further investigate the incidents. The competitor's identity will remain anonymous pending the results of the investigation. This investigation will also see the introduction of the Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) lead by Anders Larsson (Sweden). The board of the World Cube Association has decided to take temporary action in light of complaints regarding [competitor] behaviour in recent WCA competitions. The complaints involve repetitive violation of at least the following WCA Regulations: 2f) Competitors must obey venue regulations and conduct themselves in a manner considerate of others at all times during the competition and while at the competition venue. 2g) Competitors must remain quiet when inside the designated competition area. Talking is permitted, but must be kept at a reasonable level, and away from those competing. 2k4) competitor interferes or becomes a blatant distraction to others during the competition; 2k5) competitor refuses to abide by any of the WCA regulations during the competition. 2r) The competitor must accept the final ruling of the WCA delegate. Penalty: disqualification of the competitor for the competition. The board has received complaints and testimonies from several WCA delegates representing [country] and the organisers of WCA competitions. The complaints and testimonies are serious enough to take temporary action until there is an independent view on the situation. Therefore the WCA will be suspending the competitor's ability to participate in WCA competitions throughout the month of August of 2010. In particular, we are enforcing this suspension at the following upcoming competitions: [Competitions omitted] The WCA has the authority to do the following actions and will be exercising this authority in the following ways: 1) Competitor will not be able to participate as a competitor in WCA competitions through the month of August in 2010. 2) Competitor will not be able to interact or interfere with any of the staff or delegates involved with running WCA competitions through the month of August in 2010. This action by the WCA is temporary pending further review. WCA will appoint an independent committee that will investigate this case and come with an advice to the WCA Board. The committee will be led by Anders Larsson from Sweden. Anders has been a member of WCA since 2003 and is known as an independent, reliable person with a commonsensical vision. The competitor will have the opportunity to express his vision on the case to the committee. The WCA does not have the legal right to prevent [competitor] from attending competitions as a spectator. If [competitor] desires to attend a competition as a peaceful and non-intrusive spectator, the WCA encourages it. At the same time, the WCA feels that [competitor's] attendance at such WCA events during the temporary suspension of participation would not result in action and incidents that are favorable to this investigation by the independent committee. The WCA board recommends that [competitor] refrain from attending WCA events through the temporary suspension. Regards, WCA Board Masayuki Akimoto Ron van Bruchem Tyson Mao
Tyson (2010-08-29 21:36:35 +0000)
Fellow members of the community, Allegations of unsportsmanlike behavior from Haiyan Zhuang (2008ZHUA01) have been made since early 2009. Last month, the WCA decided to pursue this case, and following the investigation from the IAC, the WCA finds that Haiyan Zhuang has acted in a manner which deliberately hindered the spirit of friendly competition. While acknowledging the contributions to the Chinese cubing community, we find the behavior and actions of Haiyan Zhuang to be manipulative, selfish, and disruptive to the growth of cubing. We find that Haiyan Zhuang has violated the rules outlined by the IAC, rules 2k2, 2k3, 2k4, and 2k5. Rule 2k2: Mr. Zhuang repeatedly lied to competition organizers and delegates with regard to competition planning. He made false claims about the number of rounds scheduled for WCA competitions in order to serve both his personal and financial interests at the expense of the competition as a whole. Rule 2k3: Mr. Zhuang has repeatedly threatened physical violence against WCA delegates and competition organizers in an effort to coerce them into meeting his demands. Rule 2k4: Mr. Zhuang caused a disruption at a WCA event with a tirade on the stage which distracted competitors from the event. His actions at competitons have been a distraction to delegates and organizers and hinder their ability to manage the competition. Rule 2k5: Mr. Zhuang repeatedly refused the requests of the WCA delegates. Whereas the WCA prefers transparency in its operations, the WCA respects the IAC's decision not to release the gathered evidence. The release of identities and information would likely increase the pressure by Mr. Zhuang against people who have cooperated with this process. The WCA board would like to thank the IAC and the delegates and competition organizers from China for the work that they have put into this process. Given the lack of cooperation by competitor 2008ZHUA01, his direct attempts at manipulating the investigation by the IAC, his tampering of witnesses during the investigation by the IAC, his threats of violence, and his general disruptiveness and selfish behaivor, the WCA is putting forth the following actions: Haiyan Zhuang (2008ZHUA01) must make a formal public apology to the Chinese cubing community, competition organizers Qianqian Wei, Shuang Chen, Xiaobo Jin, and the Chinese WCA delegates. Mr. Zhuang will not be able to compete in WCA events for three years from September 1, 2010. Issuing the above noted apology before October 1, 2010 will reduce the term of the ban by two years. Additionally, further reports of pressure on individuals to not participate in or organize events of their choosing will result in additional time added to the ban period. The WCA, at this point, would like to elucidate that simple inquiries regarding competition scheduling or requests regarding competition events are welcomed. The problems in the incident regarding Mr. Zhuang stems from repeated demands about competition scheduling without regard to the impact on other competitors, and the refusal to accept the schedule as set by organizers and delegates. Furthermore, the WCA would like to remind its community that it works as a non-profit organization. The board members, delegates, and organizers have no financial interest in WCA competitions or in WCA activities. The WCA maintains this separation in order to ensure that actions taken by the WCA and its delegates are done in the interest of the cubing community, and not for personal financial gain. We hope that Haiyan will acknowledge his mistakes and return to the cubing community as a contributing member. We also hope that the Chinese cubing community can move on from the damage caused by these events and we look forward to the Chinese cubing community being an ever more involved and active member on the international cubing scene. Regards, WCA Board Masayuki Akimoto Ron van Bruchem Tyson Mao