FMC Cheating Incident in Nanjing, China

Tyson (2010-02-02 20:01:41 +0000)
A competitor was found cheating in the fewest moves event at the recent competition in Nanjing, China on December 6, 2009. After the event ended and before submissions were graded, the competitor returned and altered their solution three times, finally ending with a world record-breaking solution. When the competitor was questioned, the competitor denied altering the submission. When asked about the solution itself, the competitor insisted the competitor had found the solution, but was completely unable to explain the solution or even remember what steps were taken. Given the competitor's inability to explain the solution, along with the fact that the solution matches the output of the cube solving program Cube Explorer, we find sufficient evidence that the competitor did not personally find the solution provided. Outside assistance is barred during solving, per WCA regulations A5b and E1. Regardless of the nature of the solution, the competitor violated WCA regulation E2c by altering their submission after the event ended. Given the lack of cooperation by the competitor, the WCA board has decided to ban the competitor from WCA competitions for one year. The competitor will be able to compete in WCA events starting January 1, 2011. Future competitions should make further efforts to prevent access to score sheets and results by anyone other than competition organizers. Any further questions may be directed to me via e-mail.