Santiago Winter Open 2009 3x3 BLD Rule A6e violation

Tyson (2009-09-14 03:39:11 +0000)
Fellow members of our community, ... ts=1#333bf Francisco Javier Lemes Sáez 2009SAEZ01 was found to have violated Rule A6e on the third solve during the blindfold competition of the Santiago Winter Open 2009. As a result, his time of 3:39.56 will be adjusted to a DNF. This decision is supported by WCA Delegate Felipe Rojas Garcés. The WCA encourages the following behavior from all WCA competitors: -Make the distinction between the duration of the solve and the end of the solve as distinct as possible. -Do not have any contact with the puzzle until it has been inspected by the judge. -Ask the judge to hand the puzzle back to you from the timing mat as opposed to picking up the puzzle from the timing mat yourself. The last recommendation forces acknowledgment from the judge that the judge has examined the puzzle. This will hopefully decrease the applications of Rule A6e. Respectfully, Tyson Mao
Lucas (2009-09-14 09:25:40 +0000)
Convenience for future viewers of this thread: [url=]Article A[/url:vvan2j2x] (Speedsolving)