Official Warning to Benjie Lee and Daniel Ma

Tyson (2009-09-14 03:12:49 +0000)
Fellow members of our community, There was an incident at the Hong Kong Open 2009 regarding Benjie Lee 2008LEEB01 and Daniel Ma 2008MADA02. WCA Delegate Chris Krueger writes the following report after consultation with WCA Delegate Chan Tak Chuen: [i:10y0bt3k]There was a limit to the total number of competitors for events. Benjie Lee (Ben Kit Lee, 2009LEEB01) had wanted to participate in 5x5, but didn't register early enough and spaces in the event were filled. Another competitor, Daniel Ma (2008MADA02) had registered for 5x5, and offered to trade his spot with Benjie. Kim denied the request. In order for Benjie to participate in 5x5, the two then switched their competitor numbers. (Competitors are called by number rather than name, as Chinese names don't carry the same meaning when transliterated into a Latin alphabet. This was a problem I ran into in China.) So, for this entire competition, all results given to Benjie Lee are actually those of Daniel Ma, and vice versa.[/i:10y0bt3k] Such actions compromise the integrity of WCA competitions and the WCA organization. As a result, the WCA is taking the following actions: -Deletion of 5x5x5 results from Hong Kong Open 2009 for 2009LEEB01 and 2008MADA02. -Official warning to 2009LEEB01 and 2008MADA02. The WCA appreciates the cooperation from Mr. Lee and Mr. Ma and in light of this, no further action will be taken. Respectfully, Tyson Mao