Permission to use WCA emblem

cubetalk (2009-05-25 21:03:23 +0000)
I would like permission to use the WCA emblem on my website. This emblem would have a hyperlink to the front page of the website and would say in the description: This next website will show where you can find official competitions. When you complete a competition, your name will in the database and will be ranked for every event you compete in across the globe. Good luck!
Vince Yim (2009-06-19 05:53:57 +0000)
Sorry to threadjack, but here's another related question on top of that... can delegates and competition organizers have access to high resolution or vector versions of the WCA logo? I've drafted up a poster for an upcoming competition that I'm co-organizing (to be announced...still awaiting signature from the sponsoring venue before we can make it official) and wanted to list the associated organizations at the bottom of the poster (corporate sponsors, etc.) and would be listing the WCA as one of them (the delegate has been secured, making this an official WCA event). This question also comes out because if we are to get materials printed in large quantities or in a mass publication, printers often request that artwork is provided with resolution at 300 DPI. If we are to simply download the logo off the website, it'll be at only 72 DPI. -Vince
Ron (2009-08-20 20:34:12 +0000)