Wiki for competition officials

Ron (2008-07-21 21:33:24 +0000)
Hi guys, I have been to many competitions and notice that competition officials interpret the regulations differently sometimes. Examples: [list:1ucw5z1b] timer malfunction (the ugly 0.02)? most of the time another attempt, but sometimes a DNF competitors wait in waiting area (especially for blindfolded solving)? some have an area, some haven't main judges known to competitors? [/list:u:1ucw5z1b] Another thing is that we can learn a lot from experienced competition organisers. How do you prepare? Which equipment? What not to forget? My proposal: let us make a Wiki on the WCA site for competition officials, and possibly one for competitors. I know that some people (Bob Burton, Gilles van den Peereboom, ...) wrote short manuals. I think with a Wiki we can make the Ultimate guide for Cube competition officials. What do you think? Who would be willing to contribute? Thanks, Ron
jbcm627 (2008-07-22 00:30:08 +0000)
I personally think this is a very good idea. There has already been a short discussion on this in the forums (which I currently cannot access... they seem to be down a lot). I will link to the discussion there as soon as it is back up. For now, here is a wiki that has already been attempted for general cubing: [url:336hwmr8][/url:336hwmr8]. Perhaps it would even be possible to use what has already been established on this wiki, and include an additional section on competition regulations?
jbcm627 (2008-07-22 00:36:52 +0000)
Ok, here is a link to the thread: [url:2fkwns3b][/url:2fkwns3b]. If a general one is set up, it would probably also be a good idea to restrict who can access the regulations pages, or other sensitive pages. All I can say is that I'd be willing to contribute ;)
unscarred (2008-07-26 06:47:01 +0000)
Hi Ron, I believe this has to be taken seriously. As an organizer, your examples are quite some things that bothers me a lot. I am willing to contribute as well of course. Actually we will have an article like this in our website so that if someone wants to organize a competition here int he country they have a guide. Bob Burton's article was my first bible in organizing a competition but later on most of it became not applicable to us. So I really do think we should have an Ultimate Guide on Organizing a competition. Thanks Jonathan