Time recording accuracy?

BryanLogan (2007-06-24 03:02:08 +0000)
Going through my pictures, it seems that one of my times in my OH are off. My picture shows 1:15.97, but my WCA record shows 1:15.57. Now, granted it's in the tenths place, I'm not the fastest, and it wouldn't matter. But I'm curious as to where the error occured so it can be prevented in the future.
Ron (2007-06-24 06:35:31 +0000)
Hi Bryan, In general the rule is that you have to check the result when it is written on the score sheet. Assuming the time was written down correctly, the score taker could have made a mistake when entering the result in the competition workbook. In that case you can ask the organiser to check the paper. Please have the organiser and WCA delegate send me the correction if this is the case. Thanks, Ron