Suggestion about "assistance during the solve"

gillesvdp (2005-07-12 16:17:35 +0000)
Hi, I noticed this in the regulations : "While solving the puzzle, the competitor may not have any assistance from anyone." I remember someone on the French Yahoo Club asking if he could come the a championship with a list of algorithms and use it during the solve. According to the current regulations : it's authorized. I think that that can't be allowed, and instead of "not have any assistance from anyone", it should be "not have any assistance from any third party (human or material)" What do you think ?
Masayuki (2006-06-28 09:23:44 +0000)
2j4) competitor is suspect of cheating or defrauding the judges during the competition; I agree he should be disqualified. In that case, he is cheating his solving ability.
Tyson (2006-07-26 09:32:25 +0000)
I agree. You can't walk into a standardized test with a dictionary... nor can you take a math competition that doesn't allow calculators with a computer and Mathematica 5.2. Bringing a sheet of algorithms can be considered as dishonesty to one's own ability to solve the cube. You can take your cube, your clothes, and everything in your brain up with you onto the stage. From there on out, you're on your own.