Square-1 Final at Fantastic Manhattan Competition 2016

WDC (2016-09-06 20:52:50 +0000)
Dear Community, You may be aware that during the Square-1 final at this competition some scrambles were left out on a solving table. The direct blame for this lies with the scrambler, but some also with the general chaos of the competition around that time. We know that at least 4 competitors solved at the station affected and cannot be confident that other competitors were not affected also. While we do not have any evidence leading us to believe any competitive advantage was gained from this slip-up, we cannot be sure enough. In any case there was obviously a serious violation of regulations during the round. As a result of this, the WDC, Board and WRC have agreed in conjunction that the best course of action to take is not to accept the Final officially, and the original First Round becomes the de facto Final. Various people that must take some blame for this are being warned. It is unfortunate for the competitors that this has happened, especially for those who lose some special results. This also serves as a reminder that competitors can also be on the lookout for violations of regulations, and any potential issues should be reported to a delegate straight away. Regards, WCA Disciplinary Commitee