Anatoliy Moroz Open 2015

WDC (2016-01-30 22:51:03 +0000)
Dear Community, Although officially this competition was known as "Anatoliy Moroz", it was advertised under a different name during the competition. This new name was a offensive phrase towards a certain group of people. There was also a threatening image on the competition banner underneath the name. The Board and delegate were deceived with regards to the competition name and many cubers felt offended and threatened as a result of the other name. The organiser, Andrii Atamaniuk (2012ATAM01) has accepted responsibility for this and is to be banned from WCA competitions for 1 year until the end of January 2017. Please note that WCA competitions are not to be used as a platform for political, religious or racial propaganda. A regulation relating to this will be added to make this clear. Regards, WCA Disciplinary Committee