Incident at Canadian Open 2015

Natan (2015-06-20 16:00:45 +0000)
Dear Community, A very unfortunate incident occurred during the first round of 2x2 cube at the Canadian Open 2015. From the report of Dave Campbell, WCA delegate at this competition, we understand that an underage competitor approached Rami Sbahi and showed him a cube which he claimed had the scrambled state for the first attempt. He told Rami to practice it and set a World Record. Rami told the competitor to go away, but did glimpse the cube. When Rami had the first attempt, he set a time of 0.58 seconds. After the attempt, Rami immediately approached Dave saying that the attempt could not be counted because of what had happened. Rami was then given an extra attempt. After a lengthy discussion and after considering the various opinions offered by delegates and community members, the WCA Board has reached the following decisions: 1. The first solve by Rami has been validated. This means he now holds the World Record for both single and average. 2. Measures will be taken towards using different sets of scrambles for heats competing at different times in all WCA competitions. 3. The WDC will address disciplinary issues relating to the underage competitor who attempted to communicate the scramble. The first decision has been nowhere near unanimous. The Board, the delegates, and the community’s opinions are split. The arguments supporting both positions are many and too lengthy to list here, but the main arguments tipping the scale are the following: 1. Rami most likely did not gain a significant or unfair advantage from being exposed to the scrambled state for a brief glimpse. 2. Not awarding the solve time would be more unfair than whatever unfairness there might be in the glimpse offered. Rami should not suffer for the incorrect behavior of another competitor. We believe Rami acted in a correct manner and opted for a sensible course of action considering the circumstances. We also wish to thank Rami for his honesty. We ask the community to accept the decision for this case and move on in our collective effort to make the WCA ever better. - Natán Riggenbach, on behalf of the WCA Board
JasonDL13 (2015-06-21 06:18:32 +0000)
I think the WCA board did a good call on this. The time Rami got to glance at the cube could have been done in inspection. Although I understand he did get more "inspection" time, this happened to Chris Olsen and it got accepted. Congrats to Rami. I can't believe the 2x2 Single was broken.