black cube. black stickers.

eleven11 (2015-01-09 19:12:19 +0000)
Can I use black stickers on one face of my black cube. It is placed where white would be. The regulations are a bit unclear to me. Thank you cubers Further more what about mosaics or chromes. Can I have a regular basic color scheme but with a mosaic white? They would all be stickers from the same manufacturer same size same shape similar material but reflective. Comp coming in a few weeks. Thanx!
gagou9 (2015-01-09 20:05:03 +0000)
Stickers regulations : They mean you can have black stickers instead of the white onces ! About the mozaic stuff, I don't really understand your point, do you mean stickers that have more than one color on each sticker ? Could you link an image or something ?
eleven11 (2015-01-09 21:46:33 +0000)
Thank you for your reply gagou. Thats good news on the black :) Let me try to explain the mosaics in another way, lets say I had a regular cube but pealed all the white stickers off and replaced them with all metallic/reflective silver. Would I be able to use that in a comp? Thanks!
gagou9 (2015-01-10 16:39:15 +0000)
it has too have the exact same texture !