Reinstatement of disqualified solve

Natan (2014-12-12 15:31:57 +0000)
At Indian Nationals 2014 there was an incident involving a mis-scramble. Here are the details: - For the fourth solve of the Combined First round, Akash Rupela (2012RUPE01) received the cube state obtainable by applying the following scramble: F2 L' U' R U' L' B R' L2 F L' F2 B2 U2 F2 L' F2 U2 L; when he should have received this scramble: F2 L' U' R' U' L' B R' L2 F L' F2 B2 U2 F2 L' F2 U2 L. It is highly likely that the scrambler made a mistake on the fourth move. - Akash proceeded to solve the cube in a time of 6.91 seconds. - The procedural error was noticed after the competition was over, and the attending delegate suggested that the time be disqualified. - Akash himself agreed to the suggestion, as he esteemed that the error had resulted in an easier solution. - The time was disqualified with the Board's consent. However, the Board has come to feel this was not a correct decision. We now believe that the time should have been accepted for the following main reasons: - This incident stemmed from an involuntary error that neither the scrambler nor the competitor designed to provide an advantage. - The resulting cube state is a valid cube state by WCA regulations. - A competitor should not suffer due to procedural errors. The reinstatement will mean a few changes in the database: - The new best time for Akash for that round will be 6.91. - The average will change to 10.37. - Akash’s position in that round will now be 1st. - Akash will be awarded the National Record marker for 3x3 single solve. We apologize to Akash for the unfair removal of his solve time, and thank him for the correct way in which he has handled this whole affair. We also take this opportunity to urge scramblers to make use of the scrambled state image accompanying the scrambles. The obvious goal of such images should not need to be emphasized. -Natán Riggenbach, on behalf of the WCA Board