US Nationals 2014 result change

Tim (2014-08-09 00:30:52 +0000)
The WCA Board investigated reports that Drew Brads unintentionally did a move during inspection at US Nationals 2014 during pyraminx round 1, solve 3. Various evidence, including that provided by Oscar Roth Andersen, proved that he did in fact turn the puzzle by over 60 degrees. As a result, following regulation [url=]A3c1[/url:16lpeukt], the third solve of Drew's average has been changed to a DNF, and his average has been changed to a 3.49. Drew remains in 1st place in round 1 of Pyraminx, and no prize money or titles are affected. However, his average is no longer the Pyraminx World Record. The Board extensively reviewed the evidence Oscar presented, keeping in mind that he held the world record before Drew's average, and found that it is accurate and conclusively proves that Drew turned the pyraminx more than 60 degrees. The Board thanks Oscar for his support during this investigation.