Incident at Back to Piedemonte 2014

WDC (2014-07-24 23:23:29 +0000)
Dear Community, An incident occurred at Back to Piedemonte 2014, in which a competitor failed to start the timer, and then started it after applying some moves to the puzzle. The competitor (under 18 years) admits that it happened and there is video evidence to support this too. He/she did not report the incident, and is therefore guilty of deliberately not following the regulations. The WDC has investigated this by talking to all parties involved - the competitor, the delegate and the judge. With the support of the WCA Board, the following action is being taken: - The solve will be changed to a DNF - The competitor is banned from WCA competitions until the end of 2014. Although inexperienced, the judge (under 18 years) was guilty of not paying enough attention and should have reported such a suspicious event. We do not see a need for further action here and he/she is aware of his/her mistake. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all competitors that taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity to cheat is not acceptable, and also that judges must pay full attention to what is happening, and report any strange situations that they might not understand to the delegate. Thank to those who assisted with this investigation Best Regards, WCA Disciplinary Committee