Use of "forign substances" for better grip

Pompworth (2014-04-30 17:59:22 +0000)
I have been realizing of late that at high speed I sometimes loose my grip on the cube and get lost in my algorithm. It crossed my mind that if I put pine resin or something similar (in small amounts of course) to my fingers, my grip might improve. However, I recently read an article about a Yankees pitcher being thrown out of a game for using something like that for the same reason. My question is: Does the WCA have a specific stance or rule on the application of "forign substances" (as the MLB puts it) to a competitors hands/fingers for the purpose of bettering the grip you get on the cube in a solve? I have scimmed the rulebook and I couldn't find anything saying it is aginst the rules. However, I don't know if there has been some ruling on the application of a rule that would encompass grip inhancing substances.
Lucas (2014-05-02 01:18:10 +0000)
We have a general Regulation that specifies you shouldn't be using anything external for assistance: [quote:25s5aubg][url=]A5b[/url:25s5aubg]) While inspecting or solving the puzzle, the competitor must not receive assistance from anyone or any object other than the surface (also see Regulation 2i). Penalty: disqualification of the attempt (DNF).[/quote:25s5aubg] I'm not aware that any competitor has tried this before. If anyone did, the Delegate for the competition should include it in the Delegate report, and the WCA would have a discussion about whether to allow it. (If you are considering doing so, please contact the WRC ahead of time.)
Pompworth (2014-05-02 14:32:13 +0000)
Ah, I ddin't see that, though I suppose an argument could be made that the resin, or what-have-you, would be applied [u:3j0kdbyr]before[/u:3j0kdbyr] inspection and solve, the regulation quoted states that I can't get help [u:3j0kdbyr]durring[/u:3j0kdbyr] the solve. I will check with the officials as suggested.