Incident at Torneo Cali 2014

Natan (2014-02-28 01:37:55 +0000)
An incident occurred at Torneo Cali 2014 on February 22, involving a repeated scramble giving a competitor advantage. After the competition was finished and the results had been uploaded, [underage competitor] contacted Wilson Duarte, acting WCA delegate for this competition, and informed him that after viewing videos of his 2x2x2 solves of the final round, he had confirmed his suspicion that he had received one particular scramble twice in the same round (first and fifth attempts). This was an especially easy scramble and had favourably impacted on his average. Upon analysing the videos, we agree that this was indeed the case, and have proceeded to disqualify the fifth solve. This has meant that [competitor] has lost his claim to both the single and average National Records, and has placed second in the event at this competition. We commend [competitor] for this act of good sportsmanship. We also take the opportunity to urge competition organisers and delegates to assign scrambling and judging to focused, responsible people. And we ask all WCA members to perform the duties they are assigned in a careful, professional manner. -Natán Riggenbach WCA Board Member