Skewb will be an official WCA Event as of January 1, 2014

Sa967St (2013-12-06 23:50:02 +0000)
The WCA Board has approved the addition of Skewb as a WCA event in the 2014 Regulations. The main supporting reasons from the WRC for the addition of Skewb are: [list:17si9p12] [*:17si9p12]There has been a high demand as well as strong support from the cubing community for the addition of Skewb over the past few years.[/*:m:17si9p12] [*:17si9p12]The overall popularity of Skewb is continuing to grow.[/*:m:17si9p12] [*:17si9p12]As a deep-cut puzzle, Skewb would add something new to the Events.[/*:m:17si9p12] [*:17si9p12]Skewb is an easy event to hold at competitions, since scrambling is easy, misalignments penalties are easy to determine, and it's relatively fast compared to other events.[/*:m:17si9p12][/list:u:17si9p12]