Is the WCA a non-profit organization?

gagou9 (2013-11-17 20:42:15 +0000)
Hi ! The WCA itself is [i:2pysc967]still[/i:2pysc967] not a non-profit organization. It has [i:2pysc967]officialy[/i:2pysc967] no organizationnal status. It's a collective of people that aim to regulate cube competitions and store records and times. Nevertheless, local organizers may have founded local non-profit organization. They [i:2pysc967]could[/i:2pysc967] tell you more about what you are looking for. Which country are you from ? On that page you can find a map of competitions, and you can filter by country : ... n=&map=Map Try to contact organizers, they leave their email address on the Competition Details page. Gaël