Incident at Torneo RubikBlind 2013

Natan (2013-10-02 03:12:45 +0000)
Dear Community, An incident occured at Torneo RubikBlind 2013, held on September 22, 2013. Wilson Duarte, the WCA delegate for this competition, reported that he noticed an apparent alteration to a scorecard belonging to Gustavo Arguello (2011ARGU01). The said alteration was made to the time of the second solve of the Pyraminx final round. When Mr. Arguello was asked about the alteration, he admitted to having made it in a moment of frustration over his unsatisfactory results, after the end of his five solves. Because of the dishonesty of this act, all the solve times for Mr. Arguello in this competition will be changed to DNF. Also, he will not be permitted to participate in any WCA competitions through March 31, 2014. This mild suspension is due to the fact that Mr. Arguello has been cooperative during the investigation, expressing remorse and apologizing for his impulsive act. We take this opportunity to urge judges and all members of organisation teams to take their roles seriously and be vigilant with regard to possible adulteration or misrepresentation of results. One of the ideas behind the WCA is to have a body that ensures that the results published reflect reality. If all WCA members are not careful that this is so, the point is lost. Natán Riggenbach WCA Board Member