Incident at Kharkiv Winter 2012

Sebastien (2013-07-11 13:01:17 +0000)
Dear Community, Roman Ostapenko, WCA delegate from Ukraine, informed the WCA about an irregularity concerning the Ukranian Pyraminx Single NR of 2.28 seconds, set by Ihor Bilchenko (2011BILC01) at Kharkiv Winter 2012 on December 8th in Kharkiv, Ukraine. According to Roman's investigations the following happened: The judge of the solve, [competitor, under 18 years of age], applied turns to the puzzle after taking it from the scrambling table, leaving it in a very easy position. [competitor] revealed this to Ihor shortly after the attempt. Ihor approached Roman Ostapenko with this knowledge a few weeks ago. [competitor] has admitted his action towards Roman and towards the WCA Board and recognizes his fault. The WCA finds that [competitor] grossly violated the competition procedures and undermined the integrity of the WCA results with his action. Taking into account [competitor's] confession, the following action will be taken: - the result from the 4th solve by Ihor Bilchenko (2011BILC01) in the first round of Pyraminx at Kharkiv Winter 2012 will be changed from 2.28 to "DNF", no additional attempt will be issued. - [competitor] will not be allowed to compete in any WCA events within the second half of 2013. After conducting additional investigations, the WCA has no reason to believe, that Ihor knew about [competitor's] action before starting his solve. However, it was revealed, that Ihor lied about the incident during former investigations led by Roman and Anton Rostovikov, WCA delegate from Russia, in January of this year. While the WCA finds that Ihor's dishonesty in former investigations and the concealment of the truth about this incident for half a year are not in compliance with the spirit of WCA, the WCA still appreciates Ihor's final revelation of the truth and considers a harsh punishment for Ihor as a wrong signal towards other competitors. Thus the WCA Board has decided to leave it at a formal reprimand to Ihor Bilchenko for his dishonesty during former investigation about this incident. The WCA wants to use the opportunity to remind all WCA members to respect the competition procedures and urges everyone to reveal knowledge about violations of these procedures to the competition's WCA delegate, in order to ensure the integrity of the WCA results. Best regards, Sébastien Auroux World Cube Association Board Member Supported by: Roman Ostapenko, Anton Rostovikov, Ron van Bruchem, Timothy Reynolds, Tyson Mao
bella1li12013 (2013-07-30 05:00:50 +0000)
well,got it.Thank u for reminding us.In fact ,any competition should be took seriously .