In Memoriam: Raj Gala

Ron (2013-01-29 19:30:12 +0000)
Dear community, On January 29, 2013 our fellow WCA member Raj Gala from India passed away due to Dengue fever. He was 18 years old. Raj competed in 3 WCA competitions and was ranked #5 in India for Megaminx (single and average). In the message below WCA delegate Gaurav Taneja and Raj's friends Yogesh and Bhargav write about Raj as a helpful and kind member of the Indian community. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to Raj's family and friends. Ron van Bruchem WCA Board
Ron (2013-01-29 19:31:44 +0000)
Gaurav Taneja, WCA delegate from India, sent us the following very sad message: On 29th January 2013, our fellow Cuber Raj Gala ([url:2akn4mon][/url:2akn4mon]) passed away due to Dengue fever. It was his birthday on 24th January and he had just turned 18. On the very next day, we came to know that he was admitted to hospital because he suffered from vomiting. I personally knew him as we met during DJ open 2012 and he was the part of the SCMU 2013 organizing team. He did a really great job and helped us through out SCMU. He was fun to be around with, helpful and a great guy. We also competed for the 3rd place in Megaminx at SCMU and was happy to know that he beat me, and I was glad to award him the bronze medal as it was his first time to get a place in the podium. Here are some messages from fellow cubers. Bhargav Narasimhan : Raj was such an awesome friend for me, a very good minxer, a well wisher who was always energetic in competitions. He encouraged people all the time, a Cuber we will always miss. Raj, you surely took our hearts away when you left. We all love you Raj Yogesh Sharma : Raj was a great guy, a diligent cuber, a good friend and above all a great person. He was the life of our little cubing group and certainly an inspiration for me. It was an honor to have him known. May his soul rest in peace.