Violation of A6e at Melbourne Winter 2012

Sebastien (2012-08-17 09:35:50 +0000)
Dear community, The WCA Board has decided to change Cameron Stollery's first solve in the 2x2x2 final at Melbourne Winter 2012 to a DNF. This is due to evaluation of video evidence by the WCA and IAC showing a clear violation of rule A6e) The competitor must not touch or move the puzzle until the judge has inspected the puzzle. Penalty: disqualification of the solve. In this specific case the competitor grabbed the cube and moved a side without waiting for confirmation by the judge, even though one side of the cube was misaligned and not at all obviously solved. The WCA wants to remind that, according to A7, the judge's inspection after a solve is only finished when the judge calls the cube "okay", "penalty", or "no finish" . The competitor is not allowed to touch his puzzle before this happens. The WCA wants to emphasise that the official procedures should be followed strictly for every solve, especially in high level cubing, to ensure fair conditions all over the world. The WCA thanks everyone involved for their cooperation. Cameron has been very cooperative and accepted this ruling.