WCA Workbook Assistant

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Last update: January 05, 2018
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How to process results and scrambles before submitting them to the WCA

Step 1: Open the workbook with the results

Open the workbook using the Open... button or by dragging the workbook file and dropping it on the application window.

Step 2: Add the TNoodle scrambles

Add the TNoodle scrambles using the Add... button or by dragging the TNoodle file and dropping it on the application window. Make sure you use either the .zip file or the .json file generated by TNoodle.

You can add multiple scramble files in case the scrambles where generated in parts or extra scrambles had to be generated during the competition.

Step 3: Match the scrambles with the results

The WCA Workbook Assistant automatically links the scrambles with the rounds that were held. In some cases, like when multiple scramble files were generated, the selection needs to be done manually because there are several possible options.

Manually selecting scrambles can be done by double clicking the Scrambles cell in the sheet overview panel.

It is only possible to select one round from the scramble files for each round for which there are results. If a situation arises where scrambles for a single round were generated as separate rounds in TNoodle, you can use the Edit groups... button to edit the groups in the scramble files and move them from one round to another or delete them.

In this example, an extra set scrambles was generated to have two groups for the first round of skewb instead of one group. The scrambles for the additional group can be dragged and dropped on the round that was generated originally. This moves the two groups together in one round.

Step 4: Fix any errors reported by the application

The results are checked for data entry mistakes. Rounds that have errors will be marked with a red icon in the sheet overview panel.

When selecting a sheet with errors in the sheet overview panel, the application will list the details in the validation errors panel on the bottom left.

Mistakes can be fixed by opening the workbook in a spreadsheet application and editing and saving it from there. The updated workbook can then be loaded again in the WCA Workbook Assistant by pressing the Refresh button. This will only reload the results but will leave all the other changes you made intact, like the scrambles that were added.

Step 5: Select the competition ID

Select the correct competition ID by clicking the Select... button next to the Competition ID field.

A dialog will show up with a list of competitions to choose from.

You can filter the list by typing a part of the name of the competition or the WCA Delegate.

To start off with, only competitions that took place less than one week ago or that will take place less than one week in the future will be shown. If you need to select a competition outside of this time window, deselect Only show current competitions.

Step 6: Export the results data to JSON

Save the results data to a JSON file using the Export results JSON... button on the bottom right.

Step 7: Send the results JSON to the WCA

E-mail the JSON file exported by the WCA Workbook Assistant to results@worldcubeassociation.org