Washington DC Open 2010

Date Jan 30, 2010
City Burke, Virginia, USA
Venue Kings Park Library
Address 9000 Burke Lake Rd, Burke, VA 22015
Website Washington DC Open 2010 website
WCA Delegate
Information You must register and pay online, or you will not be allowed to come to the competition. The guests field is to keep track of the number of people, competitors and non-competitors, coming to the competition. Once that total reaches ~70, we must shut down registration. The fee is $3 for the first event, plus $1 for each additional event.
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Event Person Best   Average   Citizen of Result Details
Rubik's CubeRowe Hessler8.72NAR11.54 USA11.19   10.75   8.72   12.69   13.31
2x2 CubeRowe Hessler2.61 3.77 USA3.56   4.13   2.61   DNF   3.61
3x3 blindfoldedTimothy Sun57.30 DNF USA1:11.68   57.30   DNF
Rubik's ClockTimothy Sun9.19 10.57 USA11.22   9.19   10.06   11.84   10.43