Reno/Lake Tahoe Winter 2010 Cube Competition

Date Feb 27, 2010
City Reno, Nevada, USA
Venue Eldorado Hotel and Casino
Address 345 N. Virginia St. Reno, Nevada 89501
Details Bordeaux Room, Eldorado Convention Center
Website Reno/Lake Tahoe Winter 2010 Cube Competition website
WCA Delegate
Information The minimum registration fee for this event is $2. $1 will go to the WCA. The other $1 will go to the winner, to be placed on one spin of the roulette wheel (see website for details). Renting this room for the day costs $250. Competitors can decide how much they want to contribute to this event. The staff is tentatively planning a trip to Northstar at Tahoe on Sunday after the competition. Depending on the number of competitors present, the organizational team may add additional events. It is advisable that competitors bring all puzzles that wish to compete with.
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Event Person Best   Average   Citizen of Result Details
Rubik's CubeDan Dzoan11.69 13.71 USA13.91   13.21   14.00   15.21   11.69
4x4 CubeDan Dzoan57.77 1:11.17 USA1:15.31   1:04.09   57.77   1:27.08   1:14.11
2x2 CubeDan Dzoan6.11 8.17 USA9.90   6.11   7.18   7.44   10.93
3x3 blindfoldedTyson Mao (毛台勝)1:29.09 DNF USA1:29.09   1:36.16   DNF
3x3 one-handedJeremy Fleischman13.84 19.95 USA18.93   13.84   25.38   22.38   18.55
3x3 fewest movesLars Petrus31   Sweden31   DNF
PyraminxStephanie Chow11.00 14.24 USA11.00   15.58   13.93   DNF   13.22
Square-1Stephanie Chow26.09 31.72 USA26.09   32.00   32.77   38.86   30.40