Dubai Open 2009

Date Mar 25, 2009
City Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Venue Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Details Sheikh Rashid Hall
Website Dubai Open 2009 website
WCA Delegate
Information During final day of Middle East Toy Fair. Event will start at 2pm. Detailed list of events will be updated according to number of participants. Competition on Wednesday March 25. Optional demonstrations on Thursday March 26 in Dubai Mall of the Emirates.
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Event Person Best   Average   Citizen of Result Details
Rubik's CubeDeepthi Rathakrishnan40.55 47.59 India54.71   45.71   42.86   40.55   54.21
4x4 CubeHanna Almasso7:45.05NR  Jordan8:36.28   7:45.05
2x2 CubeRathakrishnan Mathan26.96 29.49 India30.86   30.05   33.03   26.96   27.55