About the Regulations


All competitions must follow the WCA Regulations. It is important for competitors to read these regulations before attending their first competition. The WCA Regulations are supplemented by the WCA Guidelines, which contain additional clarifications and explanations. Important decisions about incidents that happened in competitions that were resolved by the WCA Regulations Committee are found in the Incidents Log.


The WCA Regulations are not only available in English, but WCA members have translated them into several languages: Translations.
Important: Although the translations are very helpful, they are not official. In competitions, the English version of the WCA Regulations is binding.

Regulations FAQ

The FAQ section answers several frequently asked questions about the WCA Regulations.

Organizer Guidelines

If you are interested in organizing a competition or already planning to organize one, please read our Organizer Guidelines.
This document contains important information and should be read by every competition organizer.
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