Yinghao Wang (王鹰豪) wins Hangzhou Open 2012

Announced by Lars Vandenbergh on

Yinghao Wang (王鹰豪) won the Hangzhou Open 2012 with an average of 11.02 seconds. Lin Chen (陈霖) finished second (11.39) and Yuxuan Wang (王宇轩) finished third (12.46).

World records: Lin Chen (陈霖) 7x7 Cube 2:54.56 (single), 7x7 Cube 3:01.54 (average), 7x7 Cube 2:41.63 (single), 7x7 Cube 2:56.85 (average).

Asian records: Yinghao Wang (王鹰豪) 2x2 Cube 2.44 (average).