Rowe Hessler wins US Nationals 2009

Announced by Bob Burton on

Rowe Hessler won the US Nationals 2009 with an average of 11.64 seconds. Mitchell Stern finished second (12.42) and Ravi Fernando finished third (13.13).
World records: Dan Cohen 6x6 Cube 2:32.00 (average).
North American records: Alexander Yu Rubik's Cube blindfolded 51.80, Andy Tsao 4x4 Cube 39.36 (single), Dan Cohen Megaminx 1:22.09 (single) 1:27.34 (average), David Woner/Michael Young Rubik's Cube fewest moves 27, Mike Hughey Rubik's Cube multi blind 8/8 in 51:07.