Pedro Santos Guimarães wins Minas Open 2008

Announced by Ron van Bruchem on

Pedro Santos Guimarães won the Minas Open 2008 with an average of 15.65 seconds. Carlos Alberto de Alcântara Jr finished second (18.85) and Renan Mondini Cerpe finished third (19.86).
South American records: Pedro Santos Guimarães Rubik's Cube 14.56 (average), 4x4 1:25.81 (average), 5x5 2:29.25 (single) 2:42.73 (average), Rubik's Cube blindfolded 1:23.05, Rubik's Cube one-handed 20.61 (single) 25.44 (average), Megaminx 1:49.63 (single) 2:02.01 (average), Square-1 54.35 (average), Rubik's Cube multiple blindfolded 2/3 in 13:27, Leonardo Tambellini Rubik's Cube fewest moves 36.