Pedro Santos Guimarães wins Brasilia Open 2009

Announced by Bob Burton on

Pedro Santos Guimarães won the Brasilia Open 2009 with an average of 13.96 seconds. Gabriel Dechichi Barbar finished second (14.16) and Caio José Lafetá finished third (16.37).
South American records: Gabriel Dechichi Barbar 2x2 4.19 (single) 5.50 (average), Pedro Santos Guimarães Rubik's Cube 12.77 (average), 5x5 1:43.05 (single), 3x3 one-handed 19.15 (single) 20.79 (average), Pyraminx 5.28 (single) 8.48 (average), Square-1 27.12 (average), Rafael Werneck Cinoto 3x3 with feet 50.32 (single) 54.66 (average), Renan Mondini Cerpe Rubik's Cube 11.40 (single), Rubik's Master Magic 10.06 (single) 11.18 (average).